Logo         ENG.SH.CH. Poolstead Pussywillow

ENG.SH.CH. Cornlands Kimvalley Crofter

ENG.SH.CH. Sandylands Tandy

ENG.SH.CH. Sandylands Tan

ENG.SH.CH Sandylands Tweed of Blaircourt

Sandylands Annabel

Sandylands Shadow

ENG.SH.CH. Sam of Blaincourt

Diant Pride

Kimvalley Guildown Cassandra

ENG.CH. Whatstandwell Coronet

ENG.F.T.CH. Whatstandwell Hiwood Brand

ENG.CH. Honey of Whatstandwell

Guildown Ecru

ENG.CH. Diant Swandyke Cream Cracker

Guildown Margherita

ENG.SH.CH. Poolstead Kinley Willow

ENG.CH. Kinley Skipper

ENG.SH.CH. Kinley Matador

Poppleton Beech Flight

Kinley Sparrowhawk

Kinley Mantilla

ENG.CH. Whatstandwell Coronet

ENG.SH.CH. Kinley Charm

ENG.SH.CH. Kinley Curlew of Ulphathwaite

AM.CH. Kinley Comet

ENG.SH.CH. Kinley Matador

ENG.SH.CH. Kinley Charm

Oriole of Ulphathwaite

Durley Gale

ENG.CH. Eaglet of Ulphathwaite